What exactly do you mean by a bad credit mobile phone contract?

As the name denotes, this is a phone contract primarily designed for individuals with a less than average credit score, a very poor credit score or those with a history of CCJs. It is a product primarily designed to level the playing field between those with a good credit rating and those with a poor credit rating. It is meant to assist those with low credit scores avail a phone contract and enjoy the benefits that come with it.

How exactly do I apply for a bad credit mobile phone contract?

There are basically two ways in which you can apply for a bad credit mobile contract. For one, you can simply visit our offices where one of our customer support will help you through the application of your preferred mobile phone deal. Secondly, you can also make an application online from the comfort of your home, office or vacation hotel.

What kind of phones can I apply for under a bad credit mobile phone contract?

As it is, you are at liberty to go for any phone of your choice. We are actually very accommodating and would love for you to have a phone that suits your tastes and preferences. However, for high end phones such as the latest iPhone and what not, we require that you atleast pay a small sum upfront as fee to mitigate risks on our side.

How long do bad credit mobile phone contracts basically last?

Different providers have different timelines on the minimum period one can be committed to a bad credit mobile phone contract. For us, we require that you be committed for a period not less than 12 months. There are those who cap it at 18 months, others at 24 months and as such it’s important that you understand all these before you commit yourself.

Can I upgrade to a better phone down the line?

Yes! Based on your payments monthly, we can review your account after a couple of months and advice you accordingly as to whether you qualify to be considered for an upgrade or not. We understand that the mobile phone industry is always on the run and a phone that is very popular today might not be in a few months’ time. Add to that the fact that people love to go with the times and you understand why upgrading every now and then is of essence.

I am yet to be 18 years of age. Can I be considered for a bad credit mobile contract?

Unfortunately, no. The UK laws only allow us to enter into contractual obligations with adults and any such agreement with a minor is null and void in the eyes of the law. It, therefore, follows that unless you are 18 years and above, we cannot avail a phone contract of any kind to you.

What are the risks in the event that I cannot meet my monthly payments obligations?

We always advice our customers that should something happen and suddenly cannot make payments as earlier envisaged, they should inform us immediately. This is important so that we agree on a way forward and in most cases reduce the amount you pay monthly. Defaults lead to worsening of your credit score and as such it’s important that we work out something that is both favourable to you and us.

Can I clear my payments early or is there a penalty for that?

If you get the funds, you are free to clear your payments way before your contract period lapses. We do not penalize our customers for that. In fact, we encourage our customers to pay up on time as it positively affects their credit score status.