2018’s most anticipated phones and their UK release dates

Getting a phone with bad credit can be a daunting experience in Britain. However, there are several ways one can get around the problem, essentially getting phones that anyone with good credit can access. Fewer things get people excited every year as the release of the new version of their favorite phones. Whether you are loyal to your brand or simply like a phone that has those specifications you have always dreamed of, it is safe to say the release of a new phone will always get people excited. Here are some of the most anticipated smartphones of 2018.

Nokia 9

Unlike many other brands, which release the details of their new phones in order to build up the hype, there is very little known about the Nokia 9. Fans however expect a device that tops the Nokia 6 and 8. Rumor has it that the phone will feature a full metal unibody design with a very fast snapdragon 835 processor, a proper QHD display, dual lens cameras and the latest Android version. The launch of their phone was expected to be in mid-2017, but delays have led to its launch being pushed to 2018. The UK launch date was expected to be February 2018.


The world mobile congress is sacred for most phone manufacturers as this is the time they get to display their wares to an attentive audience, and get to compete on the same stage with their biggest rivals. It is therefore a surprise that the LG G7 will likely not launch during this event, and has been earmarked for an April launch in the UK. It is rumored that the reason for the change is the phone’s design. It will come with an 18:9 display, the snapdragon 845 processor, a glass leading camera and 64 GB of internal storage.

Huawei P11

This is another phone that was expected to launch at the mobile congress but whose launch has now been pushed to April. Huawei has had a few setbacks in the past few months, and has generally struggled to penetrate major markets. The Phone will be equipped with the Kirin 970, have the rear fingerprint sensor, a dual lens camera and an 18:9 display.


Like the Nokia 9, little is known about this phone and what it will pack. The one thing many people are sure of is the release date in the UK, which is slotted for June 2018. About the features, one can only speculate and extrapolate from the U11+, which has an 18:9 display. Apparently, HTC plans on releasing the U12 with a dual camera setup at the back. It is also expected that it will run on the android 8 Oreo, and feature some of HTCs traditional offerings like the stereo speaker.

Samsung galaxy Note 9

This is one of the biggest and most anticipated models of the year. Galaxy note 9 is expected to come out in August 2018 in the UK. Samsung is keeping a lot of cards to its chest with this one, but rumor has it that it will have a fingerprint sensor under the display, one of the first in the market. Many are saying this will be the only major upgrade from Note 8.